Hot Muslim Girls And The Reason Why You Get Attracted To Them

Published: 05th July 2008
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Finding a hot Muslim girl as a date or a life partner is the wish of most Islamic singles these days. The reasons why they all want these pretty Muslim dating women are in plenty and are listed below: -

1. Islam as a religion doesn't allow men and women unless you are married to interact freely. This brings in an element of surprise and thrill in dating.

2. The Muslim girls are taught from their birth to hide their face and their body. It is believed that other than the person you marry no one should see your body or face.
Muslim girls most often wear clothes which are not revealing and thus it brings in a lot of creativity and imagination in a man's life.

3. Islam as religion has had many example of ardent love. The Taj Mahal which is the greatest symbol of love was constructed by a Muslim and there are many other examples of Muslim love.

4. The Muslim girls are blessed with exotic natural beauty. The Islamic single women are taught from their childhood to look after their looks and their body. The natural beauty combined with the care they take of themselves really makes them a hot Muslim girl.

5. The colors worn by
Islamic personals
especially the woman, is another reason why she is often termed as a hot Muslim girl. Young Muslim girls often wear colors like, red, maroon, dark green and pink. All these shades are symbolic of various aspects. Red and maroon are symbols of physical maturity and love. Green symbolizes fertility and prosperity and pink symbolizes beauty and roses.

6. Muslim girls are made to work in their homes. This is done so that they know all the various household chores and at the same time these chores help them physically as a source of exercise. Whether you are married or not you have to help with the household chores, this keeps the girls fit, agile and in shape. The older days tasks like carrying water in pots on the hip was a great way to get you the perfect waistline.

7. The practice of reading the Quran and offering prayers to Allah five times a day is not just a religious practice. It ensured that the women slept early and woke up early. These natural and easy rules of life not just made them punctual, it ensured they got the right amount of sleep and were fresh and beautiful each morning. If you over sleep your eyes tend to be puffy and you even tend to put on weight.

With all these factors working together the Muslim girl is not just beautiful she becomes a hot Muslim girl and all the Islamic singles in that area would like to date her or even get to know her. So, if you are interested in finding you a hot Muslim girl, you don't have to travel through streets searching for them. Just go online and find yourself one.

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Marie on September 14, 2011 said:
If you ar not muslim then it may just be a case of wanting what you cannot have as most muslims would not date someone out of their religion. Many people are attracted to and want things and people that they are not able to have.

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